RMT EPISODE #16 - "Amplifying the Dopeness of Math Learning" (Jaliyla Fraser)

In this episode, I explore the dopeness of Math with Jaliyla Fraser, who shares her personal Math journey, the founding of her company Fraser's Mathematics Solutions, the release of "The Dope Math Notebook", and so much more! To learn more about Jaliyla's work, you can visit her company's website at fmsolutions.site or follow her on Instagram (@f_m_solutions) and LinkedIn.

Jaliyla Fraser is the CEO and founder of Fraser’s Mathematics Solutions (FMS) where they provide comprehensive training around high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for administrators, teachers and parents through onsite and virtual math institutes. Most excitingly, FMS has created “The Dope Math Product Line” of notebooks, pencils, and rulers to honor students as they illuminate in the math classroom.

Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that mathematics can be accessible to all students if there is a clear and meaningful connection to their previous learning and the real-world. Exposure to mathematics should be rich and grounded in concrete experiences that bridge to the abstract. Mathematics is a true passion of hers and she is constantly looking for new ways to inject that same passion into all stakeholders that she supports.

Jaliyla’s experience as a Math Supervisor for grades K-12 allowed her to work closely with school stakeholders, parents and students to provide ongoing support of math content and pedagogy. She has spent the last 8 years as a Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University-Newark, sits on the Computer Science Advisory Board for the state of New Jersey, is a mathematics advisor for the Institute for Anti-Racist Education, and served as a math consultant for Student Achievement Partners where she authored the High School Math Priority Standards for Achieve the Core.

Jaliyla earned her Masters of Arts in Mathematics Education from Columbia University in 2009, her Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education/Mathematics from Temple University in 2008, and became certified to teach physics in 2011. Jaliyla is also a chartering member of the Central New Jersey Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and on April 8, 2019, she was commemorated with a resolution from the City of East Orange for her accomplishments and dedication to children.
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