RLUK Digital Shift Forum | Introducing Skilltype: talent management for GLAM sector - Tony Zanders

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Introducing Skilltype: Modern talent management for the global GLAM sector
Tony Zanders, Founder and CEO, Skilltype

People are the research library’s most valuable resource, as evidenced by their position as the top budgetary expenditure. But the methods designed to manage people from recruitment through retirement were developed under an entirely different set of assumptions than today. In 2018, a group of nine research libraries collaborated to fund research and development of a new software platform created to modernise the infrastructure used to manage information professionals. Concluding in June 2020, this two-year process produced Skilltype – a cloud-based software platform for information professionals and their teams to analyse, develop, and share expertise. Founder and CEO Tony Zanders gives an overview and demonstration of how the platform addresses modern talent management use cases including internal talent identification, skills gap analysis, personalised employee development, consortial expertise sharing, and more.
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