Risk Manager for Hire with Amanda Sutliff, Director of Product Marketing & Analyst

How does Secureworks help organizations optimize IT and security investments and fill their talent gaps? Amanda Sutliff, Director of Product Marketing and Analyst Relations explains in this episode of Let’s Talk SOC.

Tune in to the full episode — Let’s Talk SOC. Risk Manager for Hire — to learn:

✔️ Protecting Organizations. Amanda Sutcliff emphasizes Secureworks’ mission: to help organizations optimize their current IT and security investments and fill their talent gaps.

✔️ Vulnerability management and assessment serve as protection. Business and I.T. leaders must establish robust collaboration because it’s impossible for just one or two people to handle every critical security alert. As the pandemic made the threat landscape more volatile, having the right people and tools and being aware of the scope of assets to be protected are crucial.

✔️ Contextual risk-based prioritization saves time. It should constantly be running and learning your business. With a risk manager for hire, a vulnerability program would be autonomously launched, detecting the most susceptible assets without breaking your team’s focus on more strategic tasks.

✔️ Vulnerability management is the foundation of any security operations strategy. It’s also one of the toughest nuts to crack. Employing a risk manager and a risk-based prioritization mechanism would pave the way to safer asset protection.

✔️ Risk without business context is irrelevant. Vulcan Cyber’s latest research revealed that IT security teams struggle to transition from simple vulnerability to meaningful response and mitigation. As a result, business leaders are limited in their ability to gain insights to protect valuable assets.

✔️ Smaller security teams don’t have to do everything alone. With your current security program, there are ways to get that prioritization and business impact risk scoring a lot more organized for workflow efficiency and to show your leaders how you’re protecting the organization.

About Secureworks:

Secureworks is a Leader in Cybersecurity. We protect organizations by providing battle-tested, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that reduce risks, improve security operations, and accelerate ROI for Security and IT teams.

In short, we’re here to secure human progress.
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