Risk 4.0 - Ep.9 - Improving the Organisational Control of Complex-Disruptive Risks

Ever wonder how Natural Systemic Resilience and Complex Systems Thinking can be applied in a practical, beneficial manner to Organisational Risk Management? In the latest episode of the Risk 4.0 video blog we discuss exactly this, by exploring a number of empirically tested and academically valid control concepts within each of these two disciplines

We also discuss how modern macro risks are becoming increasingly "Complex & Disruptive" and thus require new risk thinking and methods. As an example, consider how historically we have been taught to think of risks as being independent, single dimension scenarios which can be mitigated by standardised risk management methods, ala “one size fits all”. The provided visual matrix however, demonstrates why this line of thinking is growing increasingly problematic for the risk management profession

In Episode 9 of the V-Blog we specifically explore four common scales of risks that modern organisations are typically facing, from "Simple-Ordered" Risks all the way up to "Complex-Disruptive" Risks. We in turn demonstrate how at the highest levels of situational complexity, Natural Systemic Resilience and Complex Systems Thinking becomes CRITICAL to Organisational Risk Management

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