RICHARD: I want to live such a life that doesn’t need a holiday

"The ambition of our institute is to connect technology with the deepening of economic education. It gives me a great background where I can improve my managerial and soft skills.”

Richard already knew in high school that he didn't want to end up as "average." He didn’t want to pursue "ready-made professions", but wanted to study in a field that would ideally open up more possibilities for him in the future.

"I did well in math, but I didn't know much about people then; even though I was interested in psychology, economics and social sciences. I wanted to know how the world and the people in it work, how they interact,” he describes.

Richard is an active scout and still leads the club in his native town of Český Brod. He enjoys shaping and inspiring young people to grow into successful and confident adults. In the same way, he imagines his future leadership positions at work.

"It's definitely nice to be a technology geek and to understand processes in depth. However, being able to deal with people, to lead a team, and to communicate correctly and effectively to make it enjoyable for all parties - that's a big competitive advantage,” Richard explains.

His studies are involved in that learning of so-called soft skills, which is applied on a daily basis in scouts, in student associations, and with his consulting firm clients.

Richard does not want to lead an ordinary and sad life. He says that he wants to fill it with such interesting work, people and experiences that he doesn't need a holiday.
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