RICH VS POOR STUDENT IN SCHOOL || Types Of Students In School And DIY School Hacks By 123 GO! Hacks

Hey, the best students ever! Do you like school and have a lot of friends there? Or it's a torture for you and you are unpopular nerd among your popular and mean classmates?

If you are a second type of students you have to watch our new video! We have gathered the best secrets how to turn from nerd unpopular to really popular student who has a lot of friends! Watch it till the end and find more types of students and how they act in school! Choose what type you want to be and find amazing tips how to become a type of student you wish to be for a whole life! Also DIY school tricks, sneaking hacks, DIY cheat sheet tricks, funny school pranks and much more useful hacks and secrets for a school life are coming your way!

Watch this video till the end and let us know your school hacks in the comments below!
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