REWARD | SUNDAY SERVICE | 31st December 2023 | TAAC Mount Wonders, Bariga, Lagos

All glory be to the lord for all he has done for us in year 2023. Today is the 53rd Sunday of the year. The Lord is telling you to be aware that He is coming quickly, and His reward is with Him to give to anyone according to his work. Revelation 22:12) Reward is a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. To give something to (someone)in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements. In management it is refer to as Reward Scheme. Abroad definition of reward schemes is provided by Bratton: “Reward system refers to all the monetary, non-monetary and psychological payments that an organization provides for its employees in exchange for the work they perform.” Rewards schemes may include extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards are items such as financial payments and working conditions that the employee receives as part of the job. Intrinsic rewards relate to satisfaction that is derived from actually performing the job such as personal fulfilment, and a sense of contributing something to society. Many people who work for charities, for example, work for much lower salaries than they might achieve if they worked for commercial organizations. In doing so, they are exchanging extrinsic rewards for the intrinsic reward of doing something that they believe is good for society.
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