Reward | Compensation | Incentive Plans | IGNOU MBA Assignment 2022 | MMPF3

Reward, Compensation & Incentive Plans, IGNOU, MBA, Assign.Q4, MMPF3, Management Control Systems

This video will give you very simple and interesting explanation of :
1. Reward (Definition, Advantages and Types)
2. Compensation (Definition and Components)
3. Incentive Plans
4. Types of Incentive Plans
a) Individual Incentive Plans (Taylors Piece Rate System, Merrick Piece Rate System, Gantt Task System, Halsey Plan, Rowan Plan, Emerson Plan, Bedeaux Plan)
b) Group Incentive Plan (Priestman Plan & Scanlon Plan)
c) Organization wide Incentive Plans (Profit Sharing & Copartnership)

Watching this video will help in :
1. Writing assignment in your own words.
2. Writing in exams
3. Memorizing the content easily and grasp the complete overview of the content.

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