Revit Pure Live #044 - Mastering Curves in Families with Paul Aubin

The legendary Paul Aubin joins Revit Pure Live to demonstrate how to create parametric curves in Revit.

Modeling "dumb" curves in Revit isn't that hard. However, modeling parametric curves that you can flex and reuse with multiple dimensions is much more challenging! Paul has spent years studying this topic to develop hundreds of curved families, such as gothic arcs and corinthian columns.

0:00 - Pre-show music
2:41 - Intro
3:22 - AVAIL
6:04 - New Course – Advanced Revit Family Strategies
9:08 - Chatting with Paul
13:23 - Topic of the day – Mastering curves
17:32 - Ovolo curves
31:22 - Q&A from chat
34:24 - Back to ovolo curves
37:56 - Q&A from chat
40:06 - Cyma Reversa curves
49:43 - Gothic Arc demo
1:03:03 - Q&A from chat
1:12:08 - Wrap-up
1:15:13 - Post-show music

Want to learn more? Check out Paul's book, Renaissance Revit:

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Music by: Ile Flottante
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