Reversing Diabetes with Dr. Bhakti Paul– Diet Doctor Podcast

Dr. Bhakti Paul is showing endocrinologists how to reframe how they see type 2 diabetes. No longer is it a disease to “manage.” Instead, with the use of low-carb diets and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), Dr. Paul shows us that we can, and should, expect to reverse every case of type 2 diabetes.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:57 Welcome, Dr. Bhakti Paul, MD
7:25 Educating patients about diabetes
14:40 A ketogenic diet and diabetes reversal
22:02 The major hurdle for clinicians from an ideal diabetes practice
32:42 About the "hyperfocus" on CGM
37:15 Weight loss and diabetes reversal
43:52 Exercise and physical activities

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