Rethinking Project Leadership & Governance | Harley Esguerra | Dharam | vCare PgMP Success Story

In this webinar, Dharam Singh, CEO, PgMP, PfMP, PMP, RMP, ACP, PBA, DASM, DASSM, PMI-ATP, leading PgMP® & PfMP® mentor, will interviewed Harley Esguerra, Manager, Professional Services at PointClickCare, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Harley successfully achieved his PgMP® certification on April 18, 2022. His focus, dedication, perseverance, and hard work helped him overwhelm challenges and succeed in the exam with flying colours.

The topics covered in this webinar session:

00:00 Session Introduction
03:46 Harley Esguerra - Introduction
07:47 vCare PgMP® Stats
10:28 Rethinking Project Leadership & Governance
12:46 How COVID-19 is reshaping Project Leadership & Governance?
22:26 "Tech-Celeration" | The Rapid Adoption of Emerging Technologies
24:23 How do you think automation will affect manpower?
28:36 How do Project Managers handle change exhaustion in project teams?
35:16 How can Project Leaders become resilient and tackle project failures in a high-risk project ecosystem?
41:55 What role does the Program Manager play in Corporate Governance?
47:18 Are Certifications Worth It?
48:42 What are the data governance challenges in the age of business transformation?
53:55 Session Summary

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