Rethinking Master Data Management With Data Mesh

Big Data LDN 2022, 22 Sept, 12:00pm, Data Mesh Theatre
Danilo Sato, Thoughtworks

Data Mesh is quickly gaining traction in the industry as an important new approach to managing and accessing analytical data at scale. At first glance MDM has a lot of common ground with Data Mesh, they both focus on an enterprise’s most valued and shared business entities. However a deeper look suggests Data Mesh adoption requires a rethink of enterprise MDM. This session will equip attendees with the key facts about Data Mesh so they can assess its impact on their MDM initiatives and work. Takeaways from the session:

• What concepts are relevant or require rethinking to adopt Data Mesh?
• How to align MDM and Data Mesh, (around Data Domains)
• An example of applying Data Mesh thinking and contrasting with the traditional approach
• Lessons and open questions to bridge these two worlds
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