RESILIA Cyber Resilience Bitesize Learning: Management of Audit and Compliance

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Audits are used to verify that the management system meets the requirement it was designed for.
Organizations should carry out audits to satisfy themselves that the cyber resilience strategy in place is performing as expected. Some organizations, such as those using the ISO certifications, will employ external auditors to meet the needs of the regulating body. This video, taken from our RESILIA Foundation course, explains the Management of Audit and Compliance in more depth.

This RESILIA Foundation course teaches staff at all levels of an organization how to make business decisions that will lead to robust cyber resilience. It also shows learners how to embed cyber security best practices across a business and demonstrates how cyber resilience can support operational effectiveness.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Planning Audits
01:05 Scheduling an Audit
01:44 Compliance Management

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