Removing Google fonts for GDPR compliance - Live support hour #2 with Sean Jackson

Join Nelson Abalos Jr. from the Webflow Education Community team for a round of general, technical, and web design Q&A. We’ll welcome special guest Sean Jackson from the Webflow Customer Support Team (CST) to join in on the fun and highlight our FAQ of the month.


00:00:00 Stream starting soon
00:04:47 Intro
00:13:31 Stream agenda
00:14:02 Welcome SJ
00:18:27 Remove Google fonts
00:30:42 Live & Q&A
00:31:13 Webflow forms
00:36:22 Using style search for fonts
00:38:30 BannerBear
00:41:40 Cutting element corners
00:43:42 TippyJS for tooltips
00:47:57 Using Airtable with Webflow
00:49:29 GDPR for forms
00:52:00 Video background element
00:55:55 Phone codes in a dropdown
00:58:36 Outro

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