Relational Governance Symposium ~9. Professor Jacob Torfing

Co-Creation as a Strategy for Achieving the SDGs. 2021 Relational Governance Symposium presentation by Professor Jacob Torfing.


Jacob Torfing is Professor of Politics and Institutions at Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University and research director of the Roskilde School of Governance, a political and management-focused research centre that has prmoted studies of collaborative governane in networks and partnerships. His research interests include changing forms of public governance; co-creation in networks, partnerships, and collaborative arenas; democratic anchorage of networked governance; enhancement of public innovation; and leadership and management of collaboration and innovation processes. Jacob Torfing’s work aims to catalyse change in the public sector that enhances service quality and increases democratic participation and ownership. As well as this, he participates in a number of Nordic and European research projects, all of which focus on the co-creation of innovative solutions to complex societal problems. Recently, his focus has shifted towards climate-related issues. Jacob Torfing has published widely in journals and has written and contributed to 17 books. In 2016, he published Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector, a book that provides a comprehensive understanding of how multi-actor collaboration may drive innovation and produce public value. He is the winner both the Research Communication prize and the Elite Researcher prize at Roskilde university. His paper Improving policy implementation through collaborative policy making, co-written with Chris Ansell, received the best paper award from Public Management Review in 2018, and his paper Institutional design for collective and holistic leadership, co-written with Eva Sørensen, was highly commended at the Emerald Literati Awards 2020.
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