Reinvent Your Organization with Stephen Ogburn || Management Blueprint Podcast

Stephen Ogburn is the Vice President of Ogburn Construction, a fast-growing family-owned concrete repair company in Central Virginia. We dissect Fredrick Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations and talk about how companies can shift from success-focused into people-focused organizations.

[00:35] Stephen’s entrepreneurial journey
[02:29] Leaving formal employment to join the family business
[03:21] Stephen’s experience with management blueprints
[05:11] Business models from Fredrick Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations
[09:38] The demerits of being a success-focused business
[11:31] How success-focused companies can transform into people-focused organizations
[14:12] What is self-management?
[18:19] How wholeness impacts productivity within organizations
[21:50] How to deal with difficult employees
[25:14] The link between core values and company success
[27:40] How companies can create and scale a people-focused culture
[33:13] Key processes to running a people-focused company
[36:10] Parting thoughts

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