Registries and Audits: Learning from Current Nationwide Experiences

Registries and audits in esophagogastric cancer surgery play an important role in monitoring the quality of care provided to patients. During this webinar an international panel of speakers discussed the importance of registries and shared updates from around the world including set-up, results and the effect registries have had on national or regional outcomes. Panelists also discussed the way research has been incorporated into registries.

Setup and outcomes were shared from NREV (Sweden); NOGCA (England/Wales); EURECCA (Spain); (Canada/USA); (Japan), DUCA (The Netherlands).

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• Introduction and Defining Quality of Care in Esophagogastric Cancer Surgery
• Patient-Reported Outcomes in Auditing. What can we learn from them? Is it the future?
• What is the Future of Research Within Registries?

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In this video panelists share their experiences with setting up registries and audits in their regions, as well as the results, effects on national and regional outcomes and research. Regions discussed include Sweden, England and Wales, Spain, Canada and USA, Japan, and The Netherlands. A series of short presentations and panel discussions were had during this 90-minute webinar, and questions were answered from a live audience.
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