Reducing Enterprise Open Source Management Risk in the Financial Sector: Part 2

Financial institutions are finally adopting open source software to build modern and innovative applications that support their customers’ digital transformation. As financial institutions capitalize on the agility, speed and cost-effectiveness of open source software, they must also contend with mounting pressure to address open source security effectively and efficiently. Those most successful in managing open source security embrace automation to help manage prioritization and remediation efforts.

This exclusive roundtable discussion is led by Murali Kaundinya (CTO, Wells Fargo), Anders Wallgren (VP of technology strategy, CloudBees), James McLeod (director of community, FINOS) and Rhys Arkins (director of product, WhiteSource). Security and development professionals in the financial sector will learn from our panel of experts as they discuss:

Identifying the threats and attack vectors financial institutions need to worry about most
Filtering and prioritizing relevant vulnerability alerts to reduce the noise
Leveraging automation to mitigate risk and reduce developer burnout
Implementing open source supply chain security best practices

And more!
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