Red Light, Green Light: Orbital Debris and Space Traffic Management

ORF CyFy 2022 || Red Light, Green Light: Orbital Debris and Space Traffic Management || Large constellations come with many benefits but also challenges. The challenges in terms of potential for collisions, orbital debris, and space traffic management (STM) are significant, threatening stability and safety in orbit as well as space sustainability. STM discussions have largely focused on approximately 35,000 objects being tracked. However, this accounts for roughly 0.01 percent of the total population. The hazards to space safety and STM lie in the millions of untrackable objects.

P.J. Blount, Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Anirudh Sharma, Director & CEO, Digantara, India

Moderator: Victoria Samson, Director, Washington Office, Secure World Foundation, United States

Watch more from CyFy2022 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqgq7ee8xeM&list=PLHu-cm5A_l83MMqmqJVrKvlg62c-NMS3J

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