Real time BRIDGES Structural Health Monitoring

Bridges are inherently beautifully designed to connect people and places. Bridges are architectural marvel and lasting structure that survives transportation. Deterioration of structure can be due to improper design, modification, natural degradation due to environmental effects, and due to man-made effects.
Like human, bridge also age with time.
· Average age of bridge is 43 years.
· Average defined lifespan of bridge is 50 years.
· Average age of structural deficient bridge is 65 years.
Unfortunately, Bridges have misshapen throughout history and the consequences on humans and the environment have been very large. One need to monitor and qualify following 5 important aspects:
1) Detecting the existence of the damage on the infrastructure.
2) Locating the damage / porosity
3)Identifying the types of damage
4)Quantifying the severity of the damage
The impetus for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of national assets like bridges is not only dictated by the considerations for transportation, safety, commercialize and economy of a region, but also by the implications to the nation’s defense and preparedness; thus, necessitating REAL TIME STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING (SHM) to become an important constituent of any bridge management system.
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