Real Structural Problems - Capitalism That Works

Session #8 by Jesper Koll and GlobalTreehouse
Even the most optimistic Japan economists recognize that there are still overt weaknesses in Japan’s form of capitalism. After years of fundamental reforms there are still structural problems that, if addressed, could significantly contribute to better governance, more transparency, and global success.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the effectiveness of governments and even led some to question the ability of capitalist economies to deal with crises and uncertain times.

Jesper Koll and GlobalTreehouse have produced an 8-part series that examines Japan’s model of capitalism – a model that has performed well during booms and busts and has widely benefited individuals and society.

The series will dive into the successful aspects of the economic and social systems of Japan and how they might serve as a model for societies as the 21st Century continues to take unexpected turns.

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