Real estate tour Vietnam | What $1 MILLION PROPERTY Looks Like | LUXURY Apartment ho chi minh city

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In today’s video, I’m with Remy, who’s been working in the real estate industry for many years, and will take you guys to one of the biggest luxury apartment projects in the heart of Saigon, The Marq. Crafted by renowned regional and local developers Hongkong Land and An Khang, The Marq is set to become the jewel crowning the city skyline. Located in the heart of District 1, this project will provide 515 opulent residences comprising 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom condominiums and penthouses offering stunning views of Ho Chi Minh city and a true luxury lifestyle. There's no doubt that this project will make you satisfied with the quality it provides.

You guys will have a chance to be on a luxury apartment tour and you guys will have a look through all the areas of this apartment building including the amenities, inside of the apartment, rooftop areas, etc. Later we will have a discussion about luxury apartments in Vietnam, can foreigners buy apartments in Vietnam, indicative return on investment of this project as well as the average rental cost per month for this luxury apartment and many more later in this video.

Many foreign investors are considering buying real estate in Vietnam because prices of similar apartments are cheaper than other megalopolis in Asia. Comparing the price of housing in Vietnam with Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand or even Malaysia, the ROI and rental yield you can expect from renting such a luxury apartment in Vietnam and getting capital gain after a couple of years was very good on a 10-year track record. We will share with you similar projects so you will know how is it to be living in luxury apartment with this apartment tour real estate.

Without further ado, let’s get into the video:
00:00 - Real estate video tour Vietnam
00:36 - Luxury apartment in vietnam
02:07 - Real estate agent property tour
03:06 - Track record of the property developer
03:23 - Luxury apartment tour : swimming pools and rooftop
03:40 - Another luxury apartment in Ho Chi Minh city
03:58 - CBD location of The Marq
04:45 - Fitness center with great facilities
05:02 - Are luxury apartments worth it ?
05:24 - Luxury dining room
06:04 - Real estate walkthrough video
06:46 - Best luxury home tour
07:26 - Inside a luxury apartment (2 bedrooms)
08:03 - Types of available apartment
08:30 - Price Real Estate Vietnam
09:25 - Room tour
10:56 - Why investing in Vietnam Real Estate
11:20 - Ho Chi Minh City’s best area to stay
11:43 - Most expensive apartment in vietnam
12:45 - Can a real estate agent value a property ?
15:09 - Can foreigners buy apartment in vietnam
16:34 - Cost of renting the apartment : monthly budget
17:10 - Real estate agent property tour

If you are an expat or foreigner that is considering to invest in the Vietnamese real estate market or you are looking for available condo options in Vietnam to stay long-term or short-term or you want to have a closer look into real estate properties in Vietnam, then don’t miss this video, it will provide you all the information you need.

From this video, you will have the full picture about what you can expect in terms of standing in properties in Vietnam. What a $400k - $1 MILLION luxury apartment Looks Like ? That's what we will answer in this video. From 1BR to 4Br, that's the standards units you will have an overview in this luxury property tour in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

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