Readings from ‘The Governance Public Debt Nexus- a Case Study of Jamaica

This comprehensive study of Governance & Public Debt Management in Jamaica from 1962 when Jamaica received its Independence from Britain, to the twenty-first century (this current period) provides answers to many questions citizens, scholars, technocrats from Ministries of Finance in developed and developing countries, as well as the World Bank & International Monetary Fund have been asking for decades.

These readings are particularly dedicated to students, the youth and other persons who have a deep desire to see politicians lead with integrity (good governance), and manage their countries’ resources prudently.

Jamaica has great potential. However, after almost sixty years of Independence, the country has not moved significantly from potential to actual levels of development and growth that should accord with the human, natural, and intellectual resources of the nation.

We urge you to take keen note of the contents of these presentations, read the book (if you can), and demand good governance from your politicians.

The future generation is depending on you to do this. That’s what sustainable development is about - bequeathing to future generations, the resources that were entrusted to us, in a better form than we’ve received them.

I look forward to your feedback, and activism.

Best Regards,
Collette S
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