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nabla wind hub has been given birth by the union of three companies: nabla wind power, romo wind and eTa blades, pioneers in the wind warm re-development aimed at unlocking the hidden potential that the combination of technology and site specific conditions allow.

Our methodologies, sensors and equipment ennable the most accurate diagnosis, planning, investment decision, execution and long-term operations.

In nabla wind hub, we do not only create an achievable and realistic life extension plan, but also we maximize Annual Energy Production, minimize maintenance OPEX, reduce the level ofassociated operational risks.

We leverage upon advanced retrofits like re-controling, to take the technical control of the turbines and open the SCADAs or different re-rotoring solutions, like re-blading, replacing old blades by longer, lighter and more modern rotors and re-tipping: maximizing existing rotors with high technology tip extensions, configured optimally to each site.

In addition, nabla wind hub adapts the maintenance protocols to the real needs at the site by means of detailed Ageing Management Plans, which involve Damage Tolerance techniques for best analyzing cracks propagation.

And finally, everything is monitored continously via SmartDATA, to measure real time structural health of the turbines.

We create a new standart: the same wind farms but with a new business plan, maximizing Internal Rate of Return, minimizing CO2 footprint associated to the wind farm, keeping local jobs where the wind farms are, and absorbing CAPEX associated to end of life and re-powering.

More time, more energy, lower costs. All based on knowledge. A complete asset re-development, at all levels.

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