Ram 1500 TRX - History, Major Flaws, & Why It Got Cancelled (2021-2024)

Today we are looking at the beastly Ram 1500 TRX! It was introduced in 2021, fulfilling the destiny of the 2016 TRX concept. Ram had put a Viper V10 in the older SRT-10, and now the stuck a 6.2L supercharged Hemi V8 engine (from a Hellcat) under the hood. The TRX beefed up from a regular 1500 truck, with unbelievable performance and capability. Unfortunately, it was short lived, around from just 2021 to 2024 before being discontinued. This gas-guzzling monster will live on in the hearts of Mopar fans as an outrageous and legendary truck.

Watch along for a full history of the TRX from concept in 2016 to its cancellation in 2024!

Intro: 00:00
Overview and Concept: 00:56
History/Specs (2021-2024): 03:30
Flaws and Reasons for Cancellation: 12:22

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