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Leadership is a personal quality and behavior, not a role or title. And it’s an increasingly important capability as enterprise diversity and distances between people increase. Distance and diversity are compounded by a massive gap between people, their work, goals and feedback. While it’s always been important for senior managers and executives to lead, it’s never been more important for front-line managers to do so.

Why is leadership at every level so important? Just 7% of people understand the goals of their organization and what they need to do to achieve them. Ironically, 76% of people say they use daily to-do lists. As many as 30% of U.S. workers work from home and many more work across different locations. It’s now both more important and more difficult to make the mission clear and relevant, engage people in goal achievement, drive accountability and give regular feedback to physically distributed team members.

While goals may be set top down, they are achieved — or fail — on the front line. If you are a first-, second- or third-line manager, you play a crucial part in translating abstract company vision into personally compelling mission for your direct reports. Elevating your leadership skills elevates your team’s results and your career.
We’ve all experienced good and bad leadership from bosses, professors, and project managers. Leaders use different styles, and many are good at what they do. Some are bad. A rare few are exceptional. There are many reasons that certain leaders are remarkable, but four specific qualities can make leadership stand out from the good, the bad, and the ugly styles out there. Effective leaders inspire, influence, and improve others. They have integrity, and they care about people. According to Drs. Reilly, Minnick, and Baack (2011), “Leaders inspire, provide emotional support, and work to guide and rally others toward organizational goals and group goals” (p.128). Combining these leadership truths, leadership is about positive influence; effective leaders inspire the hearts and minds of others. Apply these four qualities into your everyday coaching to become the effective leader people desire to follow.
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