Q&A For "First Time Manager at Silicon Valley Code Campfire"

Q&A For "First Time Listening"
Base Video: https://youtu.be/pUsI0sWUrV8

Ron Lichty presents "First Time Manager" at Silicon Valley Code Campfire on October 2nd, 2021.


The transition from programmer to manager is made particularly challenging by the dramatic difference between what made us successful as programmers and what it takes to successfully manage others. In addition, programmers are an interesting management challenge. We tend to be free spirits, playful, curious, and (very) independent.

For those programmers contemplating a leap to the “dark side,” here are a few questions to consider:

How can you ease the transition into management?
Is management something you can “try out”?
What’s management really about?
What will you give up?
For programmers as well as managers already managing:

What differentiates success as a manager?
What's it mean to manage in the era of agile?
How do you prioritize?
Come to this session and get answers to these questions and more.
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