PwC’s Cenk Ozdemir on Optimizing a Cloud Deployment

Cenk Ozdemir, Cloud and Digital Lead at PwC, discusses a new report about cloud computing that details the state of the market, and discusses steps for implementing an effective cloud strategy. Read more at eWEEK: https://www.eweek.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=pwc-cenk-ozdemir

Let’s walk through the report and the four steps for implementing an effective cloud strategy.

1. First, what 1-2 data points do you see as most key from the report?
2. Let’s go through these four key points about cloud development:
A. Taking a holistic approach to cloud—it’s not a one size fits all solution
B. Adopting a formal data strategy (hint: AI)
C. Keeping trust at the core of emerging tech adoption
D. Collaborating across the c-suite
3. The future of cloud? What do you see?

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