Purplebricks and O2 Business

Partnering with Britain’s biggest estate agency brand to redefine ways of working – we helped plan, manage and future-proof technology for Purplebricks’ field sales team.

Key messages:
• Hassle-free rollout - As sole technology partner, we worked closely with Purplebricks at all stages of solution development and rollout to make sure management and staff were fully informed throughout with minimum downtime
• Recruitment incentives - By providing high-quality laptops and mobiles with flexible and remote working, Purplebricks offers powerful incentives to help recruit the best agents
• Improved service and conditions - Flexible and remote working for agents and teams means a better working experience for staff and a superior experience for customers with a consistently high level of service
• Devices managed from a central location - Updates and communications can be sent to teams and individuals anywhere. Software updates can be rolled out easily with enhanced support for maintaining and managing devices while keeping data secure
• National networks with flexible tariffs - Moving forward, no matter how its business develops, Purplebricks knows its tariffs are futureproof and can flex to accommodate more or less data usage
• O2 support - O2 offered expert advice and coordination throughout the transition and continues to offer hands-on support
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