Purchase Order Management for Organization-Wide Planning | Workday Adaptive Planning Frameworks

This Workday-approved template demonstrates ASC 606 revenue recognition using Workday Adaptive Planning. Integrating financial data with operational metrics is a critical step towards a unified and continuous planning process across manufacturing or project-oriented businesses.  

While purchase orders are typically viewed from a procurement perspective, usually to make key   decisions about sales and inventory, or to audit vendors, the finance and project management teams  can also gain important information for their planning processes with more direct access to   detailed purchase orders. T

Watch this video to see how Workday Adaptive Planning's purchase order functionality can be used as a unified data point for teams across the organization, namely procurement, finance and project 

Workday Adaptive Planning templates include models, formulas, reports and more for specific activities in Adaptive Planning. They adhere to best-practice guidelines and have been validated by Workday with Revelwood clients who have successfully used these frameworks and templates.

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