Pulp & Paper Industry. Air Emission Legal Limits. Flood drifted logs?

Quick guide for pulp and paper, including, paper recycling industries for their air emission limits regulated by the Clean Air Regulations 2014.

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1. Construction works - environmental compliance: https://youtu.be/KnlZM250Q2k
2. ISO14001:2015 - Aspects' impact Identification, Evaluation and EPE: https://youtu.be/5gbxM5G8AtI
3. Life Cycle Perspective for ISO 14001: https://youtu.be/j8NhXORmAcc
4. Relationship of Health-Safety-Environment for various activity and process: https://youtu.be/IBuqgkuEMrk
5. Scheduled Waste Regulations 2005 Interpretation: https://youtu.be/CpzenXkQIwU
6. Industrial Effluent Regulations 2009 Interpretation: https://youtu.be/PMTNAxkxv6Q
7. Clean Air Regulations 2014 Interpretation: https://youtu.be/qWMJVF3nvUk
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About the speaker: Khalid Mohd Ariff
Years of experience
36 years
• 15 years in the Department of Environment, Malaysia.
• 21 years as auditor, consultant, trainer cum Managing Director of Sekitar Synergy Sdn Bhd
Area of education, experience and practice
Microbiology, environmental monitoring, environmental complaints, preliminary site assessments, enforcement, pollution control methods & equipment, judicial investigation and prosecution, ex-officio in states’ governmental coalitions, DOE Capacity Building Program as official trainer, public speaker and legislations.
Professional training
• Advanced Environmental Management System Auditing Course (UK) from DNV (Mac,1999)
• Stack Sampling as Tool of Enforcement as part of the project on Technical Assistance to Capacity Building, Department of Environment – Carl Bro International a/s and dk-Teknik Energy - Denmark.
• Enforcement Methodologies and Procedures as part of the project on Technical Assistance to Capacity Building, Department of Environment – Carl Bro International a/s Denmark.
• Management Training: Leadership skills, Change Management & Self-Organization – Cologne, Germany.
• Environmental Management Training Course: The European Environmental Management and Audit Scheme, and, The Implementation of ISO14001 Requirements – Ecolo-Ecology and Communication, Bremen, Germany.
• The Entry Into Force of the United Nations Convention on the Law of The Sea, Its Implementation and Agenda 21 – Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.
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