Pull Ups by Hosco - Episode 1: How to build a CV with little or no work experience

Getting ready for your first job is a tough task! You have to go through all the steps of researching jobs, preparing a CV, applying, cover letters, interviews…

This is why Pull Ups by Hosco are here for you. In this episode we flex our CV muscles to help you build a CV with little or no work experience, to make it fit for recruiters and hiring managers in the hospitality industry!

Before the CV workshop we asked hiring managers and talent acquisition teams from across the world eight questions in a survey to find out exactly what they look for in terms of: CV length, how you should write your CV, which sections are most important - and how long on average a recruiter will look at your CV for.

Guest speaker Marina Kawarazaki, People Development Specialist from Dorchester Collection, will be sharing key insights and tips on what recruiters look for in a candidate, and her thoughts on our CV insights.

Pull Ups by Hosco will be your very own personal gym to help you enter the world of work. So get your best workout gear on, and get ready for some Hosco Pull Ups!
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