Proven Strategies for Shared Dataverse Environments - Power CAT Live

Phil talks with Yasin about how enterprise customers use shared Dataverse environments to maximize the value from their data while still ensuring security. Yasin also describes the importance of isolating sensitive or confidential apps and how to use solutions, application lifecycle management, security roles and more. He provides an example framework of application types mapped to a Dataverse environment strategy.

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Dataverse Security In Demos: https://aka.ms/cdssecurity

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Meet Yasin
01:58 – Why share a single Dataverse environment across apps?
03:14 – When should you not share a Dataverse environment between apps?
04:17 – There’s No Right or Wrong Answer
05:10 – How do customers manage & monitor shared environments?
05:54 – How to manage shared tables and data?
08:45 – How does application lifecycle management apply?
11:14 - Where to find out more
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