Protection Dog Or Scared Dog 4 | Dog Training Strategy - Desensitization Via Progressive Exposure

Join Uncle stonnie as he demonstrates an awesome dog training strategy with Bella, an under socialized German Shepherd Dog and talks about the value of desensitization via progressive exposure, or what he calls Bum Training. This is the fourth video in a series following Bella's progress over her boarding stay and talking about Stonnie's approach to proper protection/guard dog socialization and management.

Dogs like Bella are bred to be a family protectors and loyal companions. Unfortunately, breeding dogs to be protective is a double edged sword. On the one hand the dogs come pre-programmed with a tendency to bond closely with people and animals with whom they come in contact with early, but on the other hand they are very skeptical (afraid) of people and animals that they have not been contact with during their formative developmental stages.

All too often, the lack of early socialization leads to fear based aggression which makes the dogs and owners the scourge of their neighborhoods.

Over the next few weeks Stonnie is going to talk about techniques and strategies to prevent, and/or treat, the common types of behavioral issues that pop up with guard dog breeds.

For background information on Stonnie's thoughts concerning proper puppy socialization be sure to check our our Puppy Developmental Stages video series:

We hope you guys enjoy!

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