Property Management 101-Staff Pay & Structure Per Asset Type

In this video I will be reviewing the differences between pay and structure per asset type. The following Types of asset types I will be reviewing what you can typically expect for the staff's at each one of the different asset types.

Asset Types we Reviewed:

Tax Credit/Section 8
Single Family Homes

3 differences between asset types:
1.) Staff Count
2.) Pay & Pay Structure
3.) Staff Breakdown

Property Management 101 channel is designed for those that either own/invest in asset(s) or work in the property management industry. These videos can apply to many different asset types, demographic types, or markets.
If you have not already, please watch the Disclosures Video and Why I do This Video before putting any of the practices mentioned during this video into your practices.
Different viewers might find these videos beneficial for the following:
• Student Housing
• Conventional
• Multi Family
• Single Family
• Section 8
• Mid Rises
• Garden Style
• Cottage Style
• Big Markets
• Small Markets
• Commercial Space with Retail
I will be reviewing all comments so please feel free to ask questions or provide show ideas you would like to see in the future!
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