Project Methodology: Agile vs. Waterfall | How I Make My Project Decisions

Project Methodology: Agile vs. Waterfall: How I make my project decisions.

Ever wonder how project managers choose between methodologies? I'll share with you my thinking process on this topic.

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I recently received a question from a viewer who asked me to create a video on how I decide between using Agile vs. Waterfall methods for my projects.

This is a great question and one we should all consider as project managers. Often, what I've learned is the best answer lies somewhere in between.

In this video I take you through a few examples of projects where I might use a more waterfall approach vs. an agile approach.

In the end, the method you use will depend on your industry, goals, and personal style. Stay open-minded!

Which project method do you use most often? Why?

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