Project Management: The Business Case - Governance

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If you would like to know more about the Governacne aspect of change initiatives, this link
takes you to a short course of videos, produced in the same format as this one, that discuss this topic more.

As all projects are Business projects there needs to be a document that has the information reflecting the business understanding of the project.

Why - Reasons; What - Benefit (Outcome/Vision), The main User Story (Epic)
Timeframe, Budget (relating to expected costs) and so on

So this video looks at the make up of a generic Business Case and some of the more relevant topics that need to be recorded here.

Remember that as the project progresses, the Business Case becomes the prime (but not the only) document that the business need to refer for Governance:

Is this project still -

Desirable - Wanted and worth the investment

Viable - Can be built and work

Achievable - Realize the beneficial change

This should go on throughtout the project's life, and so the Business Case must also be kept up-to-date!
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