Project Management Skills for Business Analysts • Interview With Adriana Girdler

The BA role isn't confined strictly to performing analysis.
There are many other peripheral skills that we need to pick up in addition to our core analysis skills to become successful as a BA.

This is the reason I asked Adriana to share her thoughts on where business analysts should start when trying to learn project management. The subjects we touched on include:

• What is a good place for business analysts to start learning project management skills?
• How does a PM manage projects without any direct authority?
• The importance of frameworks in learning and applying project management.
• What are your executive stakeholders responsible for? What are your experiences in dealing with these stakeholders on your projects?
• Why asking stakeholders for a signature is "gold".
• What are the limitations of PM certifications such as the PMP?
• What are your thoughts about executing projects using Agile? Why is hybrid agile the standard you work towards?
• How you should measure your own success as a professional

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