Project Management Practices For Civil Engineers - Part 1

Econstruct Design & Build Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based Civil Engineering Company.

We provide 3 Services
1). Engineering Consultancy
2). Construction
3). Corporate Training exclusively for Civil / Structural Engineers.

Many Site Engineers have called us and expressed their concern that the site Job is not giving them enough salary as well as Job Satisfaction.

We have given a possible solution to the site engineers to upgrade their careers and move up the ladder to become Project Management.

Site Engineers must implement good project management practices to upgrade their career as a Project Management.

We also offer 7 to 12 months of ON-JOB Training called
Master Study in Project Management with BIM Technology.

The following link has complete information about this course

Also, visit our website e-construct.in or simply ping us on WhatsApp + 91 9036744017 for receiving all the details.

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Econstruct Team
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