Project Management Full Course! The Planning Phase - Cost | Section 06| Lectures 32-38 /100

The Project Management (PMP) Course from Beginner to Successful Project Manager as presented by Wise Way Learning.

Project Management (PMP) Complete Course! The Planning Phase - Cost | Section 06| Lectures 32-38 /100

Project Management is an exciting profession. Moving from one project to another, a Project manager constantly faces new businesses, new processes and systems, new people, and new situations. Such a dynamic environment helps you learn more all the time, and advances your skills much faster than traditional jobs do.

This program is carefully designed to help anyone build knowledge and skills, grow the needed confidence, and start managing projects on their own! This online course is unique, as it combines all critical lessons a PM should learn:

 Perform a complete Project Cases Study, learning what a Project Manager must do from the beginning until the very end
 Understand the fundamental project management theory, apply best practices and avoid common mistakes in your next project
 Learn how to use Gantt charts, Critical Path Method, Project Plan, Budget, and many other tools (GET 15+ project management templates). A brief tutorial on how to use MS Project is also included.
 Gain the professional and personal skills needed to become a great Project Manager
 MS Excel tutorial: learn how to create the 5 most important project management documents with MS Excel
 Learn Agile project management
 Master SCRUM and understand how to apply this project management methodology
 Waterfall or Agile? Learn the main differences, compare the Pros and Cons, and know which philosophy to apply in your next project
 Get promoted and apply what you learn here to the real business world, regardless of the industry

This video presents following highlights;

00:00 Introduction The Planning Phase - Cost
00:50 Lecture 32 What is the Process of Budgeting?
03:02 Lecture 33 What is the Process of Budgeting (Continued)?
08:02 Lecture 34 How many types of Procurement Contracts?
12:01 Lecture 35 What are the Procuring Non-Financial Resources?
14:23 Lecture 36 What is Planning HR?
17:03 Lecture 37 What is RACI Matrix? How to Assigning Roles?
19:38 Lecture 38 What is the Quality Requirements?

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