Project for the Urgent Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Yangon City

Yangon, the commercial capital country and home to 5.1 million people, is currently undergoing rapid urbanization due to increased industrial and commercial investments, and infrastructural development. Along with the booming development, one of the challenges is the solid waste management of the city which brings unprecedented volumes of solid waste that reach the dumpsite every day.

Unsystematic solid waste management can cause several threats related to health and environment, such as diseases spread, contamination of soil and groundwater. Massive fire outbreak in Htein Bin Waste Disposal site in 2018 caused a major public health issue as the smoke caused pollution in the city.

The video introduces UN-Habitat Myanmar’s support to improve solid waste management at Htein Bin Final Disposal Site in Yangon so that the people can live in clean, green, environmentally sustainable and livable city. #UN4Myanmar
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