Project 2019 Beginner Tutorial

Project 2019 Beginner Tutorial

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
What is Project? 1:50
Touring the Interface 2:53
Project Management Phases 7:36
Setting Project Start Date 10:27
Creating a Project Calendar 13:47
Attaching a Calendar to Project Plan 21:40
Introduction to Tasks 22:55
Adding Tasks 23:48
Importing Tasks 29:12
Placeholder Text and Ancillary Tasks 31:18
Work Breakdown Structure 38:48
Introduction to Relationships 44:27
Setting Up Relationships 48:49
Cleanup 56:53
Introduction to Resources 58:49
Adding Resources and Costs to a Project Plan File 1:03:03
Creating a Resource Calendar 1:08:19
Assigning Resources to Tasks 1:10:51
Resolving Resource Conflicts 1:18:15
Finalizing Project Plans with Lead and Lag Time 1:24:46
Adding Resources After Initial Assignments 1:31:46
Adding Fixed Costs and Task Notes 1:33:55
Setting a Baseline 1:38:21
Sharing Project Plans 1:42:35
Conclusion 1:50:38

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