Project 2019 Advanced Tutorial

Project 2019 Advanced Tutorial

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Introduction to Tracking Actuals 2:21
Marking Tasks Complete 4:03
Introduction to Tracking Tables 6:57
Creating Custom Tables 9:36
Moving Projects and Updating Actual Duration 14:04
Filtering, Highlighting, Grouping, and Updating Resource Info 19:17
Project Statistics 26:08
Resource Reports 30:12
Cost Reports 33:49
In Progress Reports 46:24
Dashboards 50:33
Custom Reports 55:35
Customizing Task Boards View and Managing Sprints 1:01:37
Task Boards Reports 1:08:25
Visual Reports 1:11:46
Customizing Visual Reports 1:15:53
Introduction to Administration 1:21:18
Getting Started Tutorials and Report 1:22:50
Basic Administration 1:25:31
Using the Organizer to Save Custom Objects 1:30:35
Creating Templates 1:35:46
Creating New Files from Excel Workbooks 1:41:09
Creating New Files from SharePoint Task Lists 1:46:33
Advanced Administration 1:48:00
Creating a Consolidated Project 1:51:42
Sharing Resources with a Resource Pool 2:00:46
Exporting Data to Other Data Sources 2:07:39
Conclusion 2:09:41

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