Professor Messer's N10-008 Network+ Study Group - January 2022

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00:00 - Pre-Show
10:10 - Start Time
11:05 - Socrative
11:48 - Sample Question
12:21 - Announcements
12:55 - CompTIA Objectives
14:37 - CR Which Network+ do you suggest one studies for N10-007 or the 008?
20:02 - Vouchers
23:56 - Answer
26:03 - Question 1 (Performance-Based)
31:04 - Answer
34:38 - Question 2
39:37 - Answer
41:46 - Question 3
47:47 - Answer
51:28 - Question 4
56:16 - Answer
1:00:31 - Question 5
1:04:54 - Answer
1:07:22 - Question 6
1:16:18 - Answer
1:17:55 - CompTIA Objectives
1:19:05 - Calendar
1:21:19 - Aftershow
1:21:28 - CR Are the N10-008 exam objectives on your website, if not where does one find them?
1:23:23 - CR Working at a small law office, would Norton/McAfee and/or Windows Defender be more than a small business needs for antivirus protection?
1:29:37 - CR Is there a discount code in order to buy a voucher?
1:30:22 - CR If one has worked at a large IT global corp as an InfoSys technician for over a year with no certifications and may soon be promoted to the SOC (Security Operation Center), how out of depth or under qualified would one be?
1:34:52 - CR What is the command to activate the loopback plus?
1:36:19 - CR Do you have any tips to help motivate one to study for certifications?
1:49:23 - CR What software do you use to monitor applications on a network?
1:52:02 - CR Is Professor Messer content your main job?
1:53:17 - CR Do you recommend a "cheat sheet" and jotting information down as soon as one walks into the testing room?
1:55:01 - CR What kind of resources is one allowed to bring into the testing room?
1:55:41 - CR Is the CompTIA Network+ still considered "less than" compared to the Cisco CCNA?
1:59:22 - CR What is the best way to study for all the commands?
2:04:38 - CR What certification do you recommend for someone looking to get into IT Security?
2:07:28 - CR Did you once have a video series on wireshark?
2:08:28 - CR Will the N10-008 video series be posted on You Tube?
2:10:17 - CR Do you have a dark mode option on your website?
2:10:27 - CR Does one need to buy a textbook or are the videos enough to pass the A+?
2:13:40 - CR At this point, which version do you recommend one takes, the N10-007 or the
2:18:59 - CR Does CompTIA offer any testing accommodations for learning disabilities?
2:20:36 - CR Does one have to run Windows 11 for the Security+?
2:22:04 - CR If one got the CompTIA Network+ in 2010, is it time to renew it?
2:24:23 - CR In a windows server environment, with the goal to move forward into systems administration, would you recommend a MS systems admin certification first or a Linux+?

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