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This video explains production/manufacturing systems. It expatiates basic concepts of #production systems and demystifies various types of production processes such as #mass production, batch production, #job-shop production etc. The characteristics of these production systems are discussed, this includes the merits and demerits of the different types of production systems. This video is specially packaged for all students of operations and production #management. This include students at all levels such as: #diploma, #undergraduate and #postgraduate #students. The video is also handy for business #managers, #entrepreneurs, business #innovators and other #practitioners.

Introduction 0:00
What is production management 0:56
Classifications of production types 5:33
Batch processing & characteristics 11:04
Mass production & characteristics 14:11
Continous production & characteristics 19:47
Comparison of production types 25:03
Scheduling 35:09
Example of Scheduling 38:30
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