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Watch this product walkthrough video where Sahil Kapoor (Head- Products & Markets Strategist, DSPIM) introduces our latest offering, DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund. In this video, Sahil will take you through the innovation theme and how to think about investing in it, our product construct, why it's a suitable investment opportunity and how one should invest in a fund like this.

DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund is a fund that invests in the market leading Dominators, young Disruptors and connecting Enablers in the mind-bending Innovation space across the world- essentially, companies that are focused on reimagining the world as we know it. It does this by giving you access to 6 international asset managers across active & passive investing styles, each different from the other & an expert in their respective spaces. This is much more than just FAANG stocks- which is why we say, it is #BeyondFAANGtastic :)

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Portfolio Design Update: SEBI has set an industry-level limit of $7 BN for Mutual Funds (MFs) to invest in overseas securities & MFs & a limit of $1 billion for investment in overseas Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). While the overseas ETF limit is still some distance away, the $7 BN limit for investments in overseas securities/MFs could get exhausted soon. Hence, on 23rd Jan 2022, SEBI advised us that DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund (DSPGIF) should invest only in overseas ETFs until the overall limit of $7BN is raised. Therefore, DSPGIF will begin by investing in two passive funds, iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF & iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF as advised by SEBI. Once the overseas investment limit for the Indian MF industry ($7BN) is increased, this fund will also start investing in unique active strategies like BlueBox Global Technology Fund, Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund, Morgan Stanley US Insight Fund & BGF World Technology Fund. Please note this change, before you invest.

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