Product Managers Can Double Their Salary Every 3.5 Years | Supreet S. | The AltUni Career Show Ep. 1

Supreet Singh is the Founding Partner of Native, one of India’s leading portals for hiring senior professionals. Supreet is also a a career mentor, having personally guided 1000+ early professionals break into their dream careers.

In the first episode of AltUni’s Career Show, Ankit Doshi, Founder of AltUni | InsideIIM, and Supreet get on a candid conversation on all-things Product Management. Starting from what makes Product Management a lucrative career option, to how Consumer Goods companies influenced digital-first products, they have covered everything in this episode!

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According to Supreet, careers in Product Management are in demand because of the digital economy and rise of startups, primarily fueled by VC money. And the demand will have an upward trajectory over the next decade as well.

A PM with a couple of years of experience can earn anywhere between INR 15 LPA to INR 30 LPA. The range is high because at times, candidates graduating from the tier 1 institutes will earn more. But over a point of time, it all depends on the quality of work of the candidate.
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When it comes to income growth, engineering and product management professionals working in the digital economy will experience higher-than-average growth. Supreet believes that if a software engineer is a cutting-edge coder, then switching to a career in product management will not make much sense from a monetary perspective.

Supreet shares that if it’s a tech-first company such as Google, then the engineering team will have a higher monetary compensation as compared to product managers, and have dominant power over PMs.
Ankit and Supreet further discuss the inception and evolution of Product Management. You’ll be amazed to know that careers in product management started in the early 1900s, and is not a new career option! Consumer Goods companies have influenced the current-day digital-first products.

In the last segment, Ankit and Supreet discuss the future of salary trends in Product Management. If you’re in the right company and the right sector, then your compensation will double every 3-3.5 years!

Watch the video to know more about careers and salaries in product management!

In the next episode, we will deep-dive into breaking into a PM role. Stay tuned!

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