Product Management: Top Ways to Successfully Market New Technology Products in Silicon Valley 2022

How to successfully bring a product to market?

In this video marketing expert, Jessica Ching talks about areas that should be considered when launching a silicon valley

5:35 New technology for a successful product. Is new technology is the sole factor of a successful product?
6:46 Top reasons startups fail since 2018
7:52 Consider customers at every step from initial to final
9:20 Who are the competitors? The customer's definition of competitors might be different than ours.
11:57 Get knowledge about the market landscape ( Products or services of the same range)
14:23 Activities to be conducted around customers
19:30 Develop for market segments and not just for all customers.
23:40 Cost of knowing customers can be high but it really helps in planning
26:20 Importance of customer knowledge with example
31:20 Getting to market

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