Product Management Mock Interview | Product Design Interview At Google Meta and Amazon

Are you preparing for product manager interviews? But you are overwhelmed by the information online. You don't know how to package your story and what's the best strategy for YOU? Come to this live free coaching where I am going to demystify product management interview for you.

In this talk, I will cover:
1. Live example of crafting your 30s elevator pitch: tell me about yourself
2. What skills are required for a successful product manager career?
3. Product management mock interviews with Dr. Nancy Li
4. How to transition to PM without a tech degree

I will answer your questions live on Wednesday at 9pm EST!

Every week, we select one luck audience to do a mock interview and review your 30s elevator pitch, if you want to get free coaching such as doing mock interviews, getting your 30s elevator pitch reviewed, and asking questions live, you can join the Zoom meeting with Dr. Nancy Li while streamed through YouTube Live. Please submit your questions using the google form below. If you are selected you will be contacted by our support team.

0:00 Pre
1:10 Welcome
4:38 Download the 50 FAANG interview questions
6:03 Free coach
7:39 Offer congrats
15:36 What are some technical skills we should be building
23:50 Mock interview
43:00 How to migrate my product operation skills to overseas online socials?
44:23 Should I get the data analyst job first after graduating or indirectly into PM?
47:27 Free Webinar
49:07 How should I reach up the interview?
58:03 Would language disfluency become an issue to become a PM?
58:59 Do you have any tips for how to generate moonshot ideas during Product Design cases?


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