Proactive Auto Dealership Management System - Auto DMS

System Overview
Proactive Auto Dealership Management System (DMS) manages and controls all activities of the Automotive Industry Business, providing all levels of management with the computer based DMS that supports taking the right decision in the right time. The DMS provides all business units starting from car sales, through after sales towards the company P&L with all reports and analysis for the purpose of supervising, auditing and control of all types of transactions. Implementing levels of security for the purpose of monitoring all activities throughout the area of influence of the organization, and preventing the loss of company assets, ensuring the maximum utilization and best performance of these assets. In conclusion, our main purpose is maximizing your PROFIT.
Key Benefits
Customer Information Management - CIM
Automating the Managing & Control of all Automotive activities
Force Applying Company Policies and Prevent misuse of company assets
Branches Management & Control
Multi-Brands Management & Control
Pricing & Revenue Management
Effective Invoicing Practices
Better Management of Receivables & Collections
Efficiency & Productivity Measuring.
Service Packages Management
Multi-Workshop Management & Control
Improving Business Processes
Presenting a credible and transparent information for the business value
Providing Upper Management with Real-Time Reliable Information
Providing Middle Management with different Reports & Analysis
Customer Portal
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